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Princess Natasha No vacancy

Collect items and make your way into the building. Solve multiple puzzles to finish the game.

WALKTHROUGH (we give you the first steps)

1. turn right and get lighter and bee hive
2. turn right and hang bee hive in the tree... wait for bear to leave
3.use lighter and enter cave collect leg, book, money, and radio.
4. exit cave and turn left twice then use the key on the gate
5.get tank from skeleton... you can replace his leg but it is not required
6.turn left and click on the machine. in your book it gives you combinations for gasses. put in a quarter and click HE.
7. put in another quarter and get C3H8
8. put propane gas at the end of the nozzle that is by the machine
9. light the other end with your lighter.
10.pick up the nozzle and go right one screen. use nozzle on grate
11. turn right and use nozzle or leg if you still have it on chest.
12.use helium gas on the octopus... you are now inside the hotel
13.click on the peruvian parrot book and veiw diet and speaking habits chapters.
14. turn left one screen after you exit the book
15.click the grate and the cage door to open the cage.
16. turn right 2 screens and click grate and open dish.click the pellet that says GELO
17. turn left 2 screens and feed GELO to the parrot.
18. turn right 2 screens and place parrot on perch near the door then leave the room for a moment and come back
19. click the parrot. remember what the book said bout opposites, the password is whisper tall hello
20.click lever and turn left 2 screens. note the picture on the wall and then turn right 1 screen.
21. the code is eye eye eye use the stop and the arrow buttons to make the code
22.turn right 1 screen. click the box. read note then search for the area of letters that says state and main

The rest is up to you!

Princess Natasha No vacancy

Use mouse to play.