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Rush Hour

You're trapped in a parking lot and you need to get out, Can you move the car out of the praking lot? In order to achieve the goal, move the other vehicles, These vehicles are only able to move in the direction of where their heads point.

Did you know?
In Sao Paulo, Brazil, each vehicle is assigned a certain day of the week in which they cannot travel the roads during rush hour (7 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 8 pm). The day of the week for each vehicle is derived from the last digit in the licence plate number and the rule is enforced by traffic police and by hundreds of strategically positioned traffic cameras backed by computerized image-recognition systems that issue tickets to offending drivers.
This policy is aimed at reducing the number of vehicles on the roads and encouraging the use of buses, subway and the urban train systems.

Rush Hour

Use mouse to play.