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Raze is a fun platform shooter with amasingly detailed graphics, challenging computer opponents, and fast arena-based gameplay. There are 10 unique weapons to utilize in defeating your opponents ranging from a basic handgun to a high-powered flaming shotgun. Each weapon has it's own strengths and weaknesses adding an element of strategy when choosing the best tool for the job.
Choose between 'Quick Match' or 'Campaign' mode, as well as five game types including deathmatch (most kills), elimination (survival), and juggernaught (boss). Raze features cool realistic rag-doll physics for the fully customizable characters. Attention to detail is apparent in the colorful backgrounds, awesome weapon effects, excellent hit-detection, and smooth scrolling.
the raze game is an exciting online shooter that doesn't fail to impress and will leave you hooked for many levels before you realize how much time you've lost track of. As for the ranks of online shooters, it is amongst the best and delivers what all the others have to offer.

Raze 2 will be available on blubbie.com from november 23th 2011 so please be patient.


Use mouse to play. Control your character with WASD, aim and shoot with your mouse. Change weapon with 1-9. Or just read the in-game instructions for more details.